Parris Island EGA Ceremony & Graduation Video

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Parris Island Photography goes above and beyond to give a glimpse into the elite world of the Marines. They do a phenomenal job at documenting the process of leaving the civilian world and emerging as a Marine. Their photos are great quality and they cover every aspect of recruit training. They have gone above and beyond for our Gold Star Mothers, as well. Highly recommend that you all purchase the photo CD. It's an investment that will live on for generations to come.


All your photographers and your team is totally appreciated. They work along side our recruits to capture pics of them that will never be captured without them. I love reviewing them, please continue the awesome job that you are doing for the families!!!❤️❤️❤️


I can not express to my fellow Marine families what a blessing PIP is!!!! The activity photo DVD, grad videos, FB posts have been such a blessing to our family! The items that can be purchased are worth every penny and I’m so glad I decided to order them! I have some of THE BEST pictures of my Marine in training at PI thanks to them! THANK YOU Parris Island Photography!!! Keep up the good hard, work you’re doing. I am thoroughly impressed!!! Semper FI.